Plan a Hang Out

Good relationships take nurturing. Grab lunch with a friend. Meet a colleague for coffee. Hang out with the crew.

Just tell Zapiary the who, and we’ll help you effortlessly organize the when and where. All in one convenient place.

Get Started

Get Everyone’s Input

Managing multiple email and text chains is a thing of the past. Create a poll, and let the group vote on the times and places they prefer. When you’re ready, simply pick the option that works.

Invite Anyone

We don’t care if your guests aren’t Zapiary members. Just add their email to the guest-list and we’ll make sure they are kept in the loop. No signup required.

Delight Your Guests

We spend a lot of time thinking about your guests. Their focus should be on your event, not the process of getting there. With helpful reminders and a professional presence, they will be raving about your organizational skills.

Plan On the Go

Zapiary was built for mobile devices, which means you can setup that next brunch date the moment it is suggested, right from your phone. No mental notes required.