About Us

Hey everyone,

I’m Dustin, CEO here at Zapiary.

My Co-Founder, Elisha, and I have always been fascinated with everything that goes into selling a product or service. The formula is simple enough. Find people who need what you have, show them how you can help, and deliver what you promised. But at scale, the process is expensive, time consuming, and complicated. Really complicated.

Before founding Zapiary, Elisha and I helped companies of all sizes with their sales and client care efforts. We had the opportunity to see how some of the world’s leading sales teams work. We also saw how overwhelming the tools, processes, and jargon were, even for dedicated professionals. That got us thinking about how insurmountable the process must feel for small businesses that don’t have enterprise resources at their disposal.

So we began our journey to help the sales person, the founder, the entrepreneur grow their business. Zapiary is our attempt to help small businesses and teams find, serve, and stay connected with clients, without the steep learning curve and complex tools that most large companies spend a lifetime perfecting. We help simplify managing the client lifecycle by bringing everything into one easy to learn and affordable platform. We don’t use complex jargon, and our platform is more straightforward to maintain than a shared spreadsheet. At the end of the day, we believe the best way we can help you grow your business is to reduce the time you spend managing your sales process, and give you more time for what you do best.

— Dustin Johnson, CEO

Co-founder’s Story

Dustin and Elisha met while working together to build a suite of sales and client care products for CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services company. They both saw a need for a simple product to help teams without enterprise resources find, communicate with, and care for clients. The existing tools were too complicated, expensive, and time consuming. So they started Zapiary, a communication management platform that helps small businesses more efficiently communicate and collaborate with customers.

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Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson

Co-Founder and CEO

Dustin leads business operations at Zapiary, and functions as the head backend engineer. Prior to co-founding Zapiary, Dustin was Vice President of Technology at CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services company. While there he spearheaded the creation of the Company’s in-house sales and client care platforms, serving over 4,000 sales professionals. He also ran CBRE’s Seattle based technology office. In his spare time, Dustin is a woodworker, amateur photographer, and lover of the great outdoors. He is also the proud dad of two Siberian huskies.

Dustin Johnson

Elisha Terada


As Co-founder of Zapiary, Elisha is in charge of product design, user experience, and frontend engineering. Prior to Zapiary he was the Lead Frontend Engineer at Fresh Consulting, a top tier design and engineering consultancy. He has led the development of hundreds of websites and marketing tools for clients of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies. Outside of work, Elisha is an avid photographer and videographer, and coffee connoisseur. He is also the proud dad of two Scottish Folds.

Any question? Contact us at support@zapiary.com