An intuitive Task Manager built to support the way you work

Zapiary helps teams to manage tasks, automate processes, and keep track of professional connections in one digital workspace.


Keep you and your team ahead of the curve and in lock step with Actions.

Organize Your Actions

The Actions board makes it easy to create and manage actions in one location.

A list of actions assigned to me

Collaborate with Your Team

Collaborate on actions with your team by assigning, prioritizing, and commenting on them. Everyone will get notifications when something changes.

A detailed view of action

Track Progress

Group related actions into Playlists to track progress.

A list of actions under playlist


Connections give you a powerful dimension to keep organized. Add even more power by sharing the load with your team.

Track Your Connections

Connections help you and your team stay close and build actions around the people you care about.

A connection list

Prioritize Connections

Prioritize connections to meet your team’s goal.

A list of new connections to be reviewed

Action History

Any action can be associated with a connection, giving you an automated interaction history.

A list of actions for a connection

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